SFMF goes beyond exercise. We're a community that supports you through life's challenges. Together, we'll ease your travel.

Transformational Fitness: Empowerment and Community


Your Pathway to Empowerment and Community in The Woodlands

Welcome to SemperFiT Mobility & Fitness (SFMF), where we redefine fitness as a journey of empowerment and community. Nestled in the heart of The Woodlands, Texas, our premier fitness studio stands as a beacon of health, wellness, and support.

At SFMF, we believe that fitness is not just about breaking a sweat; ...

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Vaibhav Latthe

Octavius is simply exceptional! His expertise, passion, and personalized approach make every session truly transformative. With his guidance, I've achieved remarkable progress in strength, endurance, and overall fitness. But what sets Octavius apart is his holistic focus, not just on workouts, but also on nutrition.

Holistic Approach

SemperFiT Mobility & Fitness (SFMF) offers a holistic approach to fitness, focusing not only on physical strength but also on mental well-being. With personalized programs tailored to individual goals and abilities, SFMF empowers clients to achieve overall health and wellness.

Community Support

SFMF fosters a supportive community where clients are welcomed with open arms and cheered on to victory. From personalized training sessions to group fitness classes, SFMF provides a supportive environment where individuals can connect, grow, and succeed together.

Experienced Leadership

Led by Managing Partner Octavius Scurlock, SFMF brings together a team of experts with backgrounds in kinesiology, exercise science, and business management. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, SFMF provides top-notch fitness solutions and guidance to help clients reach their goals.

We don’t choose our family, but we do choose our friends and who we workout with.

Laughter + Respect + Motivation +Hard Work + Camaraderie + Appreciation = SemperFiT Mobility & Fitness EXTENDED FAMILY!


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Octavius is an awesome personal trainer! He is very thoughtful about his workout plans and gives excellent feedback. The gym and the workout equipment is ...Read more

Mar 15, 2024
Bharat Sharma

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